Garde Ta Foy, Garde Ta Foy

by Luke Leighfield

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'Garde Ta Foy, Garde Ta Foy' was recorded between August and September 2006.


released December 4, 2006

Luke Leighfield - vocals, piano, organs, violin, backing vocals
Jonathan Jefferies - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Dan Halliday - drums, percussion
Jake Brooks - electric guitar
Rich Rowe - trumpet
Lucy Jones - trombone
Ruth Jones - french horn
Katie Hawcutt - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Steve Baldwin - soprano saxophone
Mike Halliday - soprano saxophone
Will Howick - cello

Backing vocals - Hannah Cope, Jonny Holley, John Layton, Becca Lieu, Andy Mort, Benjamin Munday, Jennie White

All songs written and arranged by Luke Leighfield
Produced by Luke Leighfield and Dan Halliday
Recorded and mixed by Dan Halliday at his house in Malvern, except backing vocals recorded at Jonny Holley's house in Southampton, and piano recorded at Malvern Girl's College
Mastered by Steve Baldwin
Assistant engineer - Steve Baldwin

Photography by Dave Shearn
Package design by twoducksdisco -
Released by Got Got Need Records -


all rights reserved


Track Name: Nothing Has Changed
I’m falling behind everyone and everything that I said I’d be
When I poured out my heart so many years ago
I said, “I’m undefeatable! I’m moving on, I’m growing strong!”
But if you looked you’d see nothing has changed

So I re-think and re-write, and re-make promises to you
About things that will happen but they haven’t happened yet
I go wrong, I fail and lie and I cross all the lines
I make excuses for failing every single time
Track Name: We Can't Escape the Facts
You’re in everything I do, everything I say, you’re everywhere
You’re all I hear, you’re all I see and you’re everywhere

And I can’t escape the fact that I’m going deaf
And I’m growing blind and oblivious
And I’m lazy and I don’t care
And I can’t escape the fact that everything
I say is a lie about life, and my life is a lie
And I don’t know the truth anymore
And I say I don’t care when I do
I don’t care, but I couldn’t care any more

It’s all ingrained now, lines are blurred, and i always hated compromise
Make it concrete! Give it clarity! But nothing scares me more
It’s growing in, growing out, I’m growing up and this has changed me
For better or worse? Richer or poorer? I could never tell

The tape of life winds further as tension threatens to break
And it’s crackling – will it make it? Will it make it?
Pass it back through, keep this rolling, keep everything moving
‘Cause if it stops it might never work again

We can’t escape the facts
Track Name: I Never Say What I Mean
I never say what I mean and if you didn’t know better
You’d think I talked in riddles to get my kicks
Minutes of laziness spark hours of confusion
And this becomes a mystery as fact melts into fiction

I’m never around, and I miss the sound of your voice right in my ear
I’m not proud that I’ve let you down – I’ve let you down my dear
And though we’ve had fights and sleepless nights, this will come to an end
“Don’t look back if you can’t smile, don’t look forward if you can’t dream”

I never think before I open my mouth to speak
No, I don’t like to make things too easy
I’ve dug holes in seconds of thought
And I can spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours trying to fill them

So take some advice from someone who doesn’t know much
And think through every little thing
Track Name: The Rain Will Come Again
I woke up this morning, saw another of those days
Of ambitions destroyed and hopes washed away
I woke up this morning and I prayed for rain
To brighten up monotony and help me live again

There’s been fallow times for you and I
But I know the rain will come again
Track Name: I'm Singing the Same Song
Tears fill your eyes and tears are filling mine
You’re not the only one to hate this
As doubts fill your mind they start to enter mine
You’re not the only one that ever was scared

I’m always so selfish, you’re always so selfish
I’ll never back down, you’d never back down
Can’t we think of someone other than ourselves?

When you feel you can’t go on, I’m singing the same song
Oh, we all get disheartened my dear
When you just can’t back down
We’ve all got it wrong but we all come around in the end
Track Name: I Built a Fortress
I built a fortress and I let no-one in
I raised a temple, but it fell

When we let our guard down, who knows what will happen?
We’re weak and we’re vulnerable, we’ve lost all control

It all falls down in the end
Track Name: The Same Mistakes
Do you remember when I said I’d never make the same mistakes
As all those people I took the time to criticise?
Well i wore their shoes and I fell into their footprints all too easy

And finally I realise that it’s all too easy to do it wrong
Even if your heart’s in the right place
And finally I realise that I’ll probably be kicking myself
Until I’ve got no legs left

I want to be so much better. I want to be the person I am in my mind
The person of my heart, and not just a part of this addictive cycle
Of lying and fooling and getting it wrong, and never ever getting things done
Track Name: Mountain to Climb
Today is a day that I love a good cliché
‘Cause all the love ones finally made sense
I listened to clarity and I understood all the imagery
I carried the lyrics in my bag all week

And all the lyrics that I wrote came out like New Found Glory
And I was tempted to smoke for the first time in my life
‘Cause I’d look cool and sophisticated – all I’d need is a cravate
Then the NME would like me and the kids, well they love that

I’d never understood, I’d never understood
But the sun came up and the mist was clearing
I’ve got a mountain to climb

I binged on Iron and Wine
Longed for pop from time to time
But that just wouldn’t do
‘Cause Mariah can’t be your muse right now

Keep it quiet! Wear drainpipe jeans
Get a checked shirt. Wear better shoes
But dirty them up and do it well, the cool kids can always tell
If you’re faking
Track Name: I Miss Those Summers
I miss those summers in the park, not a care in the world
No cars, we all rode bikes but only so far
And my mum used to say
“Make sure you’re back by five! Don’t stay out late and don’t rip a hole in your jeans”

But the innocence has gone and my life is in my hands
And if the world were a book I could never read it all
So pick a chapter or a page, but it’s not that simple

I need time to love you and I need time to write
I need time to see my friends and figure out this life
Is music everything? Did we get it right?
All i know is we’re having fun now

It’s not that simple. It’s never that simple
You’re not that simple. You’ll never be that simple
Track Name: Too Little, Too Late
It’s too little, too late, and you’re just a flower
Who’s got so far to grow
It’s open to debate if this little flower
Will ever want to know which way it should go

When you’re so numb that you can’t let anything out
And you don’t know what you think
But you know you want to shout about the old days
When life was simple and you were so in love

I’ve never hurt so much before
And i’ve never thought so deep
That you reap what you sow
You reap what you sow
Track Name: I'm Begging You
Why did we ever come here when we knew we’d just get lost
In masses of mazes of questions that we will never know the answers to?
And why did I make promises that I always knew I could never keep
In impulse and myth and legend and song? A scandal of the senses

Fall deeper with me

When did I stop caring about every minute of every day?
I let the hands wind faster. I let the time fade away
And when did I start to lie about my hopes and my dreams?
When did all these questions emerge? It all came from nowhere
Track Name: It Never Lasts
It’s been so long old friend
We’re growing up and we’re starting to change
Did we ever want this
Or did we want to stay the same?

Trials and tribulations
Were nothing but a blessing in disguise
Looking back with slightly wizened eyes
Now I see we should have appreciated all of it

Change changes all of us

We made plans, we made choices
We moved away and fell apart
I forgave you for the past
These bad feelings could never last

This place is so big
I could never make it mine
Home is where the heart is
My home is mine

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