New Season

by Luke Leighfield

Slow down, let your heart rate fall Slow down, let your heart rate fall You're caught up in the stress, you're caught up in the strain But this too shall pass Slow down, let your heart rate fall Slow down, let your heart rate fall You're busy being busy and it's numbing the pain But this too shall pass You'll need buckets for the tears when it all comes crashing down When all we know turns on its head and your old life can't be found So light a fire to heat our hardened hearts until they beat for you again With a love like the expanse of the oceans Slow down to know what you love Slow down to clear the fog To give time where it's needed, to give love where you love 'Cause this too shall pass Slow down, simply to breathe Slow down, simply to take the air into your lungs Then push it out again, and breathe it in again 'Cause your time is short Slow down, teach me to live Slow down, regulate every beating of my heart Slow down
It's been a difficult season but we've seen it through There were times when I was beaten; I relied on you The waves were breaking over my head, I couldn't get away, I was drowning But you threw me in those waves to learn to live again Can you feel the temperature rising? It's climbing to a glorious heat It feels like spring is here and it leads to summer You've stripped my branches so that I can bear your fruit Winter was killing me but now it's just a memory And I'll be ready for autumn when she calls So take this difficult season - let it burn you, let it fire you And I'm still here - it hasn't killed me so it's made me stronger So when these waves are breaking over my head, I'm gonna stand tall, unflinching Taking challenges as compliments, I'll learn to live again Plant me in the ground and let my roots grow deep I'm ready to bear fruit - this is a new season My arms are stretching wide and I am begging you come in Let's leave the past behind, let's leave the past to die This is a new season
I was drunk at the wheel, I was never really in control It was only a matter of time before it all came to a halt I was cutting corners and compromising I simply never put the time in to think of you When the crash came, it was a blessing in disguise It was formulated 'cause you are patient and I've been waiting my whole life To know the reason that I'm here, to know the meaning of my time In this world It's you - you are the one I love I'm a petulant child, I don't really know what I need My eyes are bigger than my stomach, I know I'm consumed by greed We're constantly searching for pleasure but we can never get enough Without you Spending money on clothes, living for a Friday night Maybe I'll find love within these walls if I play my cards right Is anyone's intention here deeper than a night in someone's bed? Since you've plucked me from the lion's mouth, I am not the same Sure I miss some things from the past but they're no good for me A quick fix drug that never gets results, it even leaves you in more pain We've had enough for today
When I sit and I am quiet And I hear what you intended The sound of birds quietly talking The sound of wind bringing trees to life When I sit and I am still And I feel what you intended Heat on skin, beads of sweat forming Sunshine turning white to bronze I have time but it's been years since I've sat and listened to your voice It is quiet but it is there Seasons change, the heat comes back What once was dead, it too grows back Light beats dark, life beats death You have not breathed your final breath So, friends, take heart - all is not lost All you need is some sense of hope Tides, they turn, feelings change Nothing and no one is beyond repair How could I ever have even a moment's doubt? You are quiet but you are there
If these are the last words I write and then I am rendered dumb Melodies don't spring to mind and my commentary is done If fear takes over from hope and love, and I lose sight of the goal Where there once was air I suffocate, and then I stumble and I fall Then it is not my time, I misread the signs, this is not who I was called to be You know me better than I know myself, I barely understand the slightest thing You're gonna need some patience, it's gonna take some time Before you get where you're going, before the stars align A plan is in motion, but you don't know its design And I say, "your will be done and not mine" The journey's so much smoother now since I let go of the reigns And when I fall off you extend a hand and I get up and ride again I have no clue where we're headed here but the views sure are divine And when your wisdom wills it, I will let my light shine It's been a difficult year but I'm starting to learn that you are right
I try hard but I am reckless, I am thoughtless and I am rash I have friends who I love but I don't show my love enough I need you but I still tell myself I can do it on my own I am stupid I want to succeed but I get bored and I get restless and then I quit I make plans but they are difficult so I give up and that is it I want the will to see things through but I'm not prepared to spend the time on it I am stupid I'm gonna make some time for you I build my plans on sand when I know I should build on rock I get surprised when the storms come and they take away the lot I know what I have to do but I still try to take shortcuts 'Cause I am stupid I claim to be in the for the long haul but I want a quick result And then when it comes it still wasn't quick enough Lord, give me the patience to do the things I love 'Cause I am stupid You be the potter and I'll be the clay Take my life and mould me 'til I am not the same As the man who lies, the man who cheats, the man I used to be 'Cause that just isn't me
When a good man dies and everyone around him is reduced to tears It is difficult to see the sense, it is difficult to know why When there's food to eat but we still see people starving to death Where have we gone so wrong? How can we hide away? We are scrabbling through the dark, the world is crying out for answers I'm falling on my knees - Lord, illuminate this madness You are the one thing that makes sense You are the one that I rely upon And when this world doesn't make sense It is you that I count on When a marriage falls apart and you find yourself living on the streets With a needle in your vein and a hole in your heart When you've turned to drink because life's become unbearable Anything to numb your mind and anything to numb your heart And though we cannot do the maths I know that your way is perfect and your way is right And I'll strive for justice - keep my paths straight, Lord Straight through the narrow gate to paradise You are the one thing
We work so we have money, then we spend it all on nothing And it got me thinking - what was that for? When we meet our end all will become dust Notes will burn and coins will rust It is not easy to break out of the mould when it's got you on your knees It is not easy with a world in opposition I want to live for so much more There must be so much more Than the greed and the fighting that's gripped us in this world Here in these four walls I have everything I need I have a roof overhead and some food and a bed, but still I'm not happy So can you force me to look back? Can you give me some perspective? 'Cause it's only when I live for others that I find myself Break my heart for what breaks yours, let me never find true peace 'Til hope and justice are restored and there are no more tears Let the burning coal sting my lips and sear me to my soul Peel my heart right open
I know it's been hard, nothing short of agony To place one foot in front of the other, just to keep moving You could barely see a path, let alone a destination But I am lighting up the way - I am guiding you home Keep your faith, brother - you are where you're meant to be You are holding a sparkler but soon there'll be a firework display You cannot see it but this is all mapped out You are holding a sparkler - soon there'll be a firework display Times have been testing, the cracks began to show But I never gave you more than you could handle, I just wanted you to know That these struggles have been building character, I've been watching you grow stronger Getting ready for the next thing that's in store I'm guiding you home Words have been spoken and they are coming true For me and you Are you ready for a new season?
Do not settle for less than you deserve Do not settle for less than what you're worth Do not settle 'til possibilities are gone Do not settle 'til you've exhausted what you have Do not settle if you want to win the prize Do not settle if there is fire in your eyes Do not settle if your soul is crying out Do not settle - just let it all come out Do not settle, you are worth so much more Do not settle, you are worth so much Do not settle, it is you that I adore Do not settle, it is you that I adore Do not settle until you practise what you preach Do not settle, it is well within your reach Do not settle for the opinions of this world Do not settle for the opinions of this world


New Season was recorded over ten days in February and March 2011.


released March 26, 2012

Luke Leighfield - vocals, piano, Hammond organ, Rhodes piano, other organs, backing vocals
Matthew Reynolds - electric guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
Tom Price - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Aaron Graham - drums
Ben Browne - trumpet
Conroy Williams - trombone
Jonnie Fielding - violin
Martin Radford - cello

Choir - Sam Briggs, Adam Brown, Hannah Brown, Mel Cross, Steve Cross, Annie Elliott, Becky Elliott, Lydia Emerson, Ruth Fernandez, Oliver Gaskell, Jennie Genders, Emmah Geraghty, Duncan Howsley, Tim Jones, Luke Leighfield, Lee Mitchell, Hayley O'Toole, Ben Price, Sarah Price, Tom Price, Dave Shearn, Erin Shearn, Vicky Stephens

All songs written and arranged by Luke Leighfield
Produced by Luke Leighfield
Assistant producer - Matthew Reynolds
Mixed by Peter Miles
Mastered by Stephen Baldwin

Drums, bass and guitars recorded in Newton Abbot by Peter Miles
Vocals recorded in Southampton by Matthew Reynolds
Piano recorded in Guildford by Dan Halliday
Strings, brass and choir recorded in Southampton by James Bragg

Photography by Tom Price -
Design by Duncan Howsley -
Leaves emblem by Secretly Swedish -
Released by Got Got Need Records -
£1 from every sale of New Season is donated to Christian Aid -


all rights reserved


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