Skype Concert

from Luke Leighfield

I've visited quite a few countries on tour but there are still loads of places I haven't been. And that sucks if you live in one of those places and want to see me play live.

The solution: Skype! For £15, I'll play three LL songs of your choice for you on Skype, live from my apartment in Berlin, plus we'll have a chat and you can ask any questions you might have.

Perfect for:
- a birthday present!
- entertainment at a dinner party!
- a quiet Wednesday night!

Once you've placed an order, I'll email you to work out a day and time that suits you.


Want more songs? Just add a few pounds at checkout.

£15 = three songs and a chat
£30 = seven songs plus an extensive Q&A
£50 = an hour-long concert (and guaranteed BFF status by the end)

ships out within 30 days

  £15 GBP or more