Fan the Flames

by Luke Leighfield

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'Fan the Flames' was recorded between May and August 2007.


released December 3, 2007

Luke Leighfield - vocals, piano, organs, violin, backing vocals
Hywel Pothecary - bass guitar
Dan Halliday - drums, percussion
Darren Jones - electric guitar
Sam Isaac - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Seb Philpott - trumpet, flugelhorn
Barney Philpott - trombone
Sam Pearce - french horn
Jess Bray - violin
Natalie Halliday - cello
Stephen Davidson - backing vocals
Peter Phillips - backing vocals

All songs written and arranged by Luke Leighfield
Produced by Luke Leighfield and Dan Halliday
Recorded and mixed by Dan Halliday at his house in Malvern, except piano recorded at Sir Thomas Rich’s school in Gloucester and brass recorded at Seb Philpott’s house in London

Photography by James Looker -
Package design by twoducksdisco -
Released by Got Got Need Records -


all rights reserved


Track Name: Fan the Flames
I’m gonna work with what I’ve got
Sometimes I’ll get there and sometimes not
I’ll be striving, I won’t stop
Fan the flames

My lyrics are simple, you know what I mean
Nothing’s clouded in metaphor so you’re looking straight at me
I can’t abide laziness, I just want to improve
There’s nothing wrong with trying and failing or making a move

It’s been going on for nineteen years so it’s got to happen soon
I don’t understand everything so I’m leaving it up to you

I’ll be striving, I won’t stop
Fan the flames
Track Name: If I Try
It’s not a challenge anymore
But it creeps up on me every night
With the liquor and the boredom and the weeks away from home
And who says it matters anyway?

As it places its hands over my eyes
It comes as no surprise
That I give in to the slightest pressure
I let you down every time

And as I chalk up another year
The odds for a perfect love get slimmer and slimmer
And no-one’s placing any bets now
And I hate to take their lead
But I’m crippled with fear
Every day that love’s away from this place

As hope starts to leave my grasp
I remind myself to get it back
‘Cause otherwise there’s no point in living
I’m confused when times are hard
And I can’t keep from looking back
But you could be everything I need

If I try
Track Name: If You Haven't Got Anything to Say
If you haven’t got anything to say don’t say anything at all
You’re wasting all our time, the world doesn’t need another fool
And advocating drug use never made anyone look cool
It’s hard to keep your dignity lying dead on your hotel room floor

I’m waiting for the time that you fall

You’ve got to play to your strengths, you just need some help to find them
‘Cause everyone is moving so fast that you think you’ve lost them
But they’re in it for the money, and not for the love
So you’ve got to keep moving along

I started to get lost in a sea of lazers and glowsticks and neon lights
Another craze, it came by day and it will creep away while you sleep at night
Meanwhile my friends are making sweet, sweet music all over the globe
Stephen and Sam are making sure I stay on my toes

Life’s not a competition and even if it was, justice will prevail like it always does
So when others succeed keep your faith and remember You’ve got to keep singing a song

It’s fine to write a pop song so everyone can sing along And it’s fine to have that bit where the piano cuts out and everyone claps along
I’m sick of rock ‘n’ roll excess and past it skagheads, and art school rich kids
Daddy can buy you a synth, but he can’t buy you talent or an eighties revival
But I’m not too bothered ‘cause the eighties sucked anyway
Track Name: Simple Things
As soon as the haze wore off I was clear thinking, I was never drinking
But it’s hard to take your pictures off my wall, it’s always so hard to let go and move on
And just when I’m contented I know that no girl will ever be half as good as you
How long will it be until someone takes my breath away? It’s so hard to get this right

Love hurts, I know it’s true
Love hurts, it hurt me too
So I guess that’s why they call this growing up
And I guess that’s why he called it the blues

If I brought you home and showed you my town would you understand where I’m coming from?
I don’t care about parties on Friday night, and I’ve got no desire to get into a fight
I just need to share this with you baby, I need to share things with my baby
I talk to my parents every night, they don’t know much about my love life
I never swear to their face, and they always put me in my place
It’s plain and simple baby

I saw my integrity – it was scattered on the floor
You weren’t surprised, you’ve seen it all before
I never gave you credit where credit was due
I hope this comes close to telling the truth
Track Name: Hope
As I read through this book I saw misery, I saw you and me, but that’s not what I want
And I keep thinking backwards, I can’t think forwards, longer than five minutes. I can’t concentrate
I’m not proud of being impatient - if I had some patience I could think things through and do what I want
I’ve taken too many wrong turns. I’ve wasted the years that were given to me, and given freely

My hope is suppressed by negativity, by the things that bind me
I long to be free, so Lord come to me – I want to start living right now

I’ve sat in an empty room in an empty house with an empty life and a piano
And it can go either way – I can mean what I say, I can say what I mean and add some colour
But the picture’s always fading and I keep drawing in a desperate attempt to keep this dream alive
Am I young and stupid? Should I write more music? Open my mouth and use it, and be satisfied?
Track Name: Home
I took a walk through my town and the pavements embraced my footsteps
I took a walk through my town and I knew that I belonged
And it might be winter, but I feel so warm right now
As the sights fill my eyes and mask my fears

And you might not be here, but I still love every building
I’m standing by the King’s Head and no-one’s making a sound

I sent you a present from four hundred miles away
You opened it in your house the very next day
Is it stupid that I’m amazed by the way things work today? Money fades to nothing but some things stay the same
Track Name: Don't Break Your Back
“Love forever, you’re the best!”
I stood back and simply said
“Never, never, never will I become so insincere”

Don’t break your back just to conform
Don’t hold yourself back to appease those who won’t ever matter
You won’t ever matter
Just say what you needed to say

Cliché after cliché, line after line
I bow my head and hope there’ll be a time
When we all realise we know nothing of love

Value your friends, cherish the times shared
Keep making amends, forgive and forget
And don’t get bitter and twisted
Don’t end up as cynical as me
Track Name: Scared
I started to speak questions that I never thought I’d ask
Until my hair was gone or greying and my teenage years were past
My friends are talking about marriage and all our faces are looking tired
You’ve got too much work to see me and your soul is under fire

I’m scared that I’ll never be in love again
I’ve got to find a girl to give everything up for
And I’m scared ‘cause I never gave you what you needed
I’ve got to find a girl to give everything up for

Where’s your passion? Where’s your fire?
Where’s your soul? Are you a liar?
‘Cause you’ve changed and I can’t see a comeback now
When did you wither? When did you die?
When did you start telling lies?
‘Cause you’ve changed and I can’t see a comeback now
Track Name: I Got Soul
If it comes to easy then it probably doesn’t count
I won’t stop until I’ve earned this, or I’ve worked it out
You’re all pretenders, you don’t know what this means
To sing your heart out, to live out your dreams

If you tilt your head forwards
Put your arms down by your sides
If you opened your ears I’d make you realise that

I got soul but I’m so damned tired
I got soul but I haven’t slept in days
I got soul and I’m giving my all
So I’m sorry if I crack, baby it’s not your fault

There’s a reason for everything
Track Name: It Goes On
When the odds seem to pile up in everyone else’s favour
It’s too much to count but you’ve never liked to complain
And it kills me that I ever had the audacity
To look over my shoulder where the grass is always greener

As self pity forces me over the edge and I begin to fall
You catch my flailing limbs when you give me a call
But you’re putting on a front – I know you too well baby
Your voice begins to crack with the weight of it all

You’re bruised and you’re tired
You’re crying, you’re distraught
You’re holding your hands up saying
“I can’t take anymore!”
You’re the weather-beaten cliff
You’re the tree about to fall
I’m so damned helpless
But you can’t take it anymore

I put an arm around your shoulder, I put a hand around your waist
I’ll do anything I can to keep the tears from your face
And it was only three months ago when we smiled through it all!
When did life become so hard for a seventeen-year-old girl?
Track Name: Time to Go
I kissed away your tears and held you tight
But I knew that we wouldn’t be here for very long
I brushed your hair aside and fell into your eyes
And then I knew how much love hurts

When did I become a man thinking through the winter, through the snow
To the years ahead – my life, my bride, my time left here?
A boy should care for little things like getting drunk and getting laid
But I grow up ‘cause I’m glad that you’ve chosen me
And I fight it so you can be proud of me

I held your cold hands and stroked your cheeks
But I knew that I couldn’t make this right
I rubbed your nose with my nose, tasted tears on your lips
And then I knew it was time to go

It’s always time to go

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