Have You Got Heart?

by Luke Leighfield

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'Have You Got Heart?' was recorded August 20th - 28th, 2009.


released November 17, 2009

Luke Leighfield - vocals, piano, Hammond organ
Luke Bayliss - bass guitar
Tom Mayo - drums, percussion
Ben Price - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Steven Troughton - trumpet
Jon Spanyol - trombone
Noriko Tsuzaki - violin
Jonathan Hill - cello
Zahra Al-Nugaidi - backing vocals

All songs written by Luke Leighfield
Produced by Peter Miles and Luke Leighfield
Strings and brass arranged by Luke Leighfield, Dan Halliday and Zahra Al-Nugaidi
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Miles at Holne Bridge Studios, Devon
Assistant engineer - Dan Halliday

Photography by Tom Price - tomalprice.com
Design by twoducksdisco - twoducksdisco.co.uk
Released by Got Got Need Records - gotgotneedrecords.com


all rights reserved


Track Name: By My Side
Lately I’ve been having doubts
I don’t know what life’s about
Things are moving so fast
But am I really going anywhere?

I see the road stretching ahead
But as I lie here in this bed
I can’t see a destination
I’m no nearer to the end

There are dreams in my head
They are thought but never said
‘Cause if I stay silent and manage to hide them
I’m safe a little longer

And when I close my eyes
I pray these dreams are brought to life
‘Cause I feel helpless and red wine is useless
For settling my nerves

All my life I’ve been asking questions
And now I think that you’re the answer
‘Cause my troubles seem to fly away
Take my hand and never leave me
You know that I could never be
Anything without you by my side

Forgive me if I sound cryptic
I think I’m just confused
We talk for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours
And it gets me nowhere

I don’t think that I am ready
My heart is not steady
The answer is too much for my
Fragile soul to take

Where is all this leading?
Where am I going?
Track Name: Have You Got Heart?
Here’s my expectations, now blow them all away
I’m sick of mediocrity and playing stupid games
You’re all liars, you’re all fakes, and it’s more than I can take
Pack your bags, we’re going to find somewhere new

I’m bored of getting drunk now, it only took a year
Kissing indie girls in dingy clubs was never a smart idea
University has taught me nothing that I couldn’t read on wikipedia
I’m feeling like it’s nearly time to go

Have you got heart? Have you got soul?
Have you got anything at all?
Do you know passion? Do you know pain?
Have you got the courage to try again?
Are you in it for the money? Are you in it for the love?
Do you know what you’re dreaming of?
‘Cause the end is getting nearer every day

Looks mean more than talent, and talent’s getting scarce
My friends are still starving, we’re looking worse for wear
And if justice will prevail, well go on and do it now
‘Cause I’m scared we’re gonna give up the fight
Track Name: Every Day
Pull the covers from my eyes, I’ve been hiding in this bed for days
As if sleeping could make all my problems go away
Each appearance of night is another day wasted, missed opportunities, failed excuses
Facing problems head on is the only escape from this haze

The last four years have offered many excuses
The next four won’t offer any more
I’ve cut others down to raise myself up as if harsh words were ever enough
Admitting the problem is a testament to change

I’m trying to make every day count, every day count
So that good times are many and failings are few, and my life can be a tribute to you

Taking two steps back the whole thing became clearer
Everything formulaic and precise
The prizes are all laid out for the taking, justice is merely seeking a reason
To enter in and set the world to rights

We won’t be young forever, we’re aging every day
And there’s no guarantee we’ll even make it through this day
So while I’m young I’m taking chances, stealing looks then second glances
We’re gonna leave the world richer than when we came
Track Name: I Won't Look Back
If I held you any tighter than I’m holding you right now
Then my arms would ache and your ribs might break
And I know this will go further and we want it to go further
But trust me when I say that we can’t do this today

‘Cause the scars of the past have left an ugly mark
And trust is low and hope is lower
And once I thought I understood love, but I didn’t understand love
But you’ve entered my life and I’m starting to learn

You came to my door, hand in hand with hope
And hand in hand with love, and I held my hands above my head
And you lifted me up, set my feet on a rock
You said that I could trust you and I haven’t looked back
I won’t ever look back

Our bodies were perfection as light crept in through the curtains
And the glow of the night brought this scene to life
And I thought that you were crying, but the light had been lying
We were starting to love, we were starting to love

God knows what would have happened
If you hadn’t set foot here
I’d still be giving myself away
I’d still be throwing my life away
Track Name: If You So Much As Smile
Darling, I fooled my head but I couldn’t fool my heart
I’m sorry we had to watch our love slowly fall apart
And darling I love our past but I just can’t live there anymore
That place is a maze and I can’t find my way, so I’m leaving it behind

But if you so much as smile then I’m gonna lose myself
‘Cause we’ve got a connection

Darling, I hate to see you living all your days alone
But my presence does more harm than good, and I’ve lived too many lies
Darling, I’m leaving today and I’ll be gone a while
Don’t miss me for longer than five minutes, I’m not worth your time
Track Name: 60,000 Miles
Sixty thousand miles, and faces I can’t count
My car is nearly dead now, but don’t count me out
Deadlines are looming, I haven’t been home in months
A quiet night in is just a dream but I can’t sit this one out

If you think that this is going nowhere, then I have to say you’re wrong
And I have to say you’re wrong, and I have to say
When record sales mean more than friends and faces, then I have to say you’re wrong
And I have to say you’re wrong, and I have to say

The drive today is gonna take five hours, the room will be half empty
But if I play these songs and raise a smile, it’s worth every minute
This is not a trend, this is not a joke, I’m singing ‘cause I mean it
If you give me half a chance then maybe you will see it

You may have won the battle but you will not win the war
If you stop for just a minute then I’ll show you what I’m fighting for
This is not a trend or a joke, I’m singing ‘cause I mean it
If you give me half a chance then maybe you will see it
Track Name: King and Queen
Lock the door and close the curtains
‘Cause my only concern is
What is happening between us
We have our own world here

A disregard for convention
As if love should follow rules
We’ll decide what happens here

If we want to we can travel
The world can be our oyster
Money doesn’t matter
I can’t do a nine to five

Don’t be scared, we’ll make a plan
I’ll work it out, I’ll be a man
You don’t have to worry
I have got this figured out

I’ll be king and you’ll be queen and
Nothing will come between us
No borders and no bounds
I feel sick with opportunity
If you’re the palace I’ll be the walls
I will protect you from the world
You’ve given me a purpose
You’re the last piece to a puzzle
I never thought I would complete
Track Name: When You've Reached Your Limit
My body’s tired, my brain is tired
My heart is weary, I trust in you
This is going nowhere that I can see
My legs are breaking so you carry me

When you’ve reached your limit, listen to this song
And feel your hope come back and your heart grow strong
‘Cause my friends, we’re not dead and buried yet

I thought I could do this on my own
I did but I was so alone
And then my saviour beckoned me
He picked me up and carried me

When I thought it was over it had only just begun
There’s been five years of waiting but now I’m good to go
You’ve blessed me with this melody, I’ll bless you with this song
It’s the only way I know that I can keep going on
Track Name: On To Something
There is too much to do in these big cities
When all I want to do is lie here with you now
I’ve got a tendency to make myself too busy
I was hoping you might show me how to stop

‘Cause this time feels different
To everything that’s come before
I hope my instincts are right, this could be something for life
You give me so much more

I tried to keep quiet about my feelings
‘Cause if I tell you then I’ll feel so exposed
But our time is too precious now for waiting
If I don’t speak then soon we will be old

We are on to something, I know it
Track Name: Lullaby
Dry your eyes, go to sleep
Make your mistakes with me
What’s done is done, the past has gone
Sleep in my arms, we’re moving on

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